Nelson - Study Guides

Study guides for cellular and sensory neurobiology

These are the study guides that I developed when I was teaching Introduction to Neurobiology. They cover chapters 2-14 of Foundations of Neurobiology by Fred Delcomyn, Freeman, 1998. At the bottom of each set of study questions is a link that allows you to SHOW and HIDE the answers. Enjoy!

Chap 2 - Cellular and Molecular Building Blocks
Chap 3 - The Structure of Nervous Systems
Chap 4 - The Electrical Potential of a Resting Neuron
Chap 5 - The Nerve Impulse
Chap 6 - Synaptic Transmission
Chap 7 - Neurotransmitters and Their Release
Chap 8 - Integration of Synaptic Action
Chap 9 - Properties of Sensory Systems
Chap 10 - The Coding and Control of Sensory Information
Chap 11 - The Visual System
Chap 12 - Hearing
Chap 13 - The Chemical Senses
Chap 14 - Somatic and Other Senses

Multiple choice questions

These are MULTIPLE CHOICE practice questions for Introduction to Neurobiology. They cover chapters 2-25 of Foundations of Neurobiology by Fred Delcomyn, Freeman, 1998. The answer keys have an asterisk next to the correct response.

Chapter 2...(answer key)
Chapter 3...(answer key)
Chapter 4...(answer key)
Chapter 5...(answer key)
Chapter 6...(answer key)
Chapter 7...(answer key)
Chapter 8...(answer key)
Chapter 9...(answer key)
Chapter 10...(answer key)
Chapter 11...(answer key)
Chapter 12...(answer key)
Chapter 13...(answer key)
Chapter 14...(answer key)
Chapter 15...(answer key)
Chapter 16...(answer key)
Chapter 17...(answer key)
Chapter 18...(answer key)
Chapter 19...(answer key)
Chapter 20...(answer key)
Chapter 21...(answer key)
Chapter 22...(asnwer key)
Chapter 23...(answer key)
Chapter 24...(answer key)
Chapter 25...(answer key)