Nelson Lab - People


PI contact information:

Welcome to the Nelson Lab Prof. Mark E. Nelson
Beckman Institute
Univ. of Illinois
405 N. Mathews
Urbana, IL 61801
Email: m-nelson at
Phone (office): (217) 244-1371
Phone (lab): (217) 244-4478
Fax: (217) 244-5180

Office: 3247 Beckman


Lab Alumni:

Postdocs: Rüdiger Krahe (went to faculty position at McGill); Niklas Ludtke (went to postdoc at Univ. of Manchester); Rama Ratnam (went to faculty position at UTSA)

Grad students: Relly Brandman (MS Computer Science, 2001; went on to grad studies in Molecular Pharmacology at Stanford); Ling Chen (went to Citigroup in St. Louis); Kevin Christie (Neuroscience grad student at UIUC); Zhimin Ding (PhD Neuroscience, 1996; went on to Philips Semiconductors; founder and CEO of Learning Machines Corporation); Valerie Ego (summer internship, 1995; went on to postdoc in Matt Wilson's lab at MIT); Jozien Goense (went on to postdoc at Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics); Jonathan House; Eugene Kang (went on to American University of Antigua College of Medicine); Malcolm MacIver (PhD Neuroscience, 2001; went on to postdoc at Caltech, followed by a faculty position at Northwestern); Jeremy Payne (MD/PhD. Neuroscience, 2000; completed Neurology residency and joined faculty at Univ. Arizona); Zhian Xu (PhD Biophysics, 1996; went to Citigroup in NYC);

Undergrads: Yoji Asamizu, Charlotte Barkan, Genny Bookwalter, Vikram Chaudhrey, Bryant Chhun, Josh Conway, Carrie Davis, Samantha Fernades, Michelle Goodman, Chris Kramer, Shaun Law, Johnny Lin, Jeremy Mlekush, Jonathon Nelson, Rowena Ong, Olga Pasternak, Abhi Sarup, Noura Sharabash, Timothy Vece, Eric Welton