Hoekstra, D, Janssen, J (1985) Non-visual feeding behavior of the mottled sculpin, Cottus bairdi, in Lake Michigan. Env. Biol. Fishes 12: 111-117

This classic paper was the first to begin describing the prey capture behavior of the mottled sculpin. Since its publication, the unconditioned behavior described hearin has been found to be mediated almost entirely by the mechanosensory lateral line system, making it an excellent model for studying how the system works and what types of information it may detect. This paper has been cited 49 times at an average of 3.2 times per year since it was published in 1985. Most references are found in papers on the mottled sculpin and always in conjunction with studies on lateral line systems of aquatic creatures. In 1998 this paper was cited 8 times perhaps reflecting the increase in neuroscientific studies. One group in particular, led by Dr. Sheryl Coombs of the Parmly Hearing Institute in Chicago, has done much of the work with the mottled sculpin including many of the intracellular studies on how information is being encoded at the level of the receptor and in the medial octavolateralis nucleus, the primary sensory nucleus of the mechanosensory system.
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