6 World Precision Instruments DAM60-F:
15994-01J, 157788-09I, 15781-09I, 15780-09I, 15778-09I, 15995-0IJ, 15996-01J.

3 A-M Systems Neuroprobe DC Amplifiers, Model 1600
1244, 1514, 1245

2 Grass Preamplifiers Model P9A
E411U9, E411U8

Grass Preamplifiers: 2 Model P15A (L931O8; L931Q9), 1 Model P15B 582T8K, 2 Model P15C (603W0L; 833U3A)


1 Tektronix Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, Model 5115

2 Tektronix Dual Trace Oscilloscopes, Model 5111
B134675, B134559



5 Grass SD9B
804X7C, 814W8F, 773W9D, 773W8D, 804X7C

1 Grass S9A


Signal Generators

Global Specialties Corporation 2001 Function Generator (FG2102318).

Leader Electronics LAG-120A Audio Generator (9032115).



6 Narishige bar mount type: 1286, 1227, 1318, 8524, 7071, & 4902.
2 Narishige integrated stand type: UofI serials 781336, 647015.


Dissection Microscopes

3 Wild M-5A Dissection Microscopes (complete sets)


Surgery Lights

4 American Optical Illuminators, Model II-80, 3 fiber optic cables, 1 spare bulb


Probes, Electrodes

3 Phone jack cables & miniconnectors for DAM60s.

3 A-M Systems DC probes for DC amps

12 Stainless steel minuten pin electrodes terminated with miniconnectors

1 mm OD borosilicate glass pipettes with filaments for microelectrodes and 4 WPI half cells

Silver Wire for Glass Microelectrodes

Minuten Pins (microelectrodes)


Audio Monitors

4 Radio Shack powered speakers (MPS-5 Model 32-2031 &6VDC adaptor), 2 Archer mini amplifier speakers 277-1008C;


Cables and Adapters

20 3' RG-58 BNC cables
6 3' RG-58 cables, BNC-mono 1/8'' phono jack (black)
6 BNC mono 1/8" photo jack (6' length; gray)


Surgical Instruments

Forceps, fine surgical and medium; surgical scissors;



Three Faraday cages
2 Fish tanks, fish net, thermometer, and bubbler, 1 Ebo-jager heater
Assorted Glassware
Solution bottles
Syringes and needles, various gauges
Three large parrafin dissection trays
Dissection Pins
Disposable gloves
Cyanoacrylic Adhesive
Plastic tubing
Plastic tubing connectors
9 V Batteries
Wire (various guages)
Assorted tools
Mineral oil
Duct Tape
Manuals: 1 for AM 1600, 3 for MacLab 3.5 software (chart, scope, extensions)