Robert D, Amoroso J, Hoy RR (1992) The Evolutionary Convergence of Hearing in a Parasitoid Fly and itís Cricket Host. Science, 258: 1135-1137.

For a seminal, "classic" citation, this paper is quite recent, having been published in 1992. This reflects the relatively recent discovery of the Ormia auditory mechanism by the Hoy lab. Since the original publication, there has been a somewhat steady stream of papers published on the subject, mostly by Hoy lab members, alumni, and collaborators. In recent years, the main focus of publication has been switching from anatomy and behavioral description to physiology and biomechanics, with the promise of biologically-inspired engineering papers forthcoming. In addition, researchers are looking at similar predatory/parasitoid systems relying on audition that evolved in parallel, including that of the fly Emblemasoma auditrix and others. By looking at these varied systems, researchers hope to formulate a general evolutionary picture of insect audition.

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