Krushinskaya, N. (1966). Some Complex Forms of Feeding Behavior of Nutcracker Nucifraga caryocatactes, After Removal of Old Cortex. Z. Evoluz. Biochem. Fisiol. II, 563-568.

This early paper was the first to show that lesions that include the avian hippocampus disrupt food-cache recovery in food storing birds. The paper was published in Russian, but included a very brief english language summary. Despite the language problem, it has been cited 20 times since its publication in 1966. Interestingly, it was cited only 13 times from 1966 through 1995, on average about one citation every two years, but from January through August of 1996 it was cited 7 times. As of this writing, no specific explanation for the recent flurry of citations is apparent. In the 1980's the paper was cited by scientists in areas of mamallian hippocampal function, behavior and reasoning, and comparative anatomy. In the 1990's citations began to reflect research on avian neurobiology and food-caching behavior. Areas of study include spatial memory, seasonal variation in hippocampal volume, species-specific development of the hippocampus, navigation, and memory. It appears that this paper had relatively limited influence in early years, but was more influential as the neurobiology of food-caching and spatial memory expanded in later years. The development of this field may have been spurred by the explosive growth of research on mamallian hippocampal function that began in the mid 1970's and continues today, but the influence of this paper may have been limited by its language. It is likely that several translations of the paper exist in provate collections, but we were unable to located one. Here is an original (the first we know of) extended english language summary.

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